When you’re here, I realize that you are giving what little time you have.  And the more balanced you keep outside-of-the-studio life, the better you can focus on your music.  So I offer an office space for you to use while you are here.  Bring your laptop, connect into the studio’s client-only, private WiFi network, answer timely emails, charge your phone, grab a cup of coffee or tea.  It’s your on-location office while at the studio.

The Process

I strive to make it easy for you to get started.  First, I’ll talk with you about your project, your ultimate goals, budgets, down to the smallest detail.  Next, I’ll put everything in writing for you.  Then, we’ll agree on  deposit and payment structure that fits your budget, and collaborate on a schedule that meets your expectations.

Now you can focus on creating something really cool  So, how can I help you?

Download the most current rate sheet HERE.

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Machine Room Studio offers a comfortable and acoustically balanced space that fosters creativity. (more…)


At Machine Room Studio, my goal is to “serve the song” and share your vision of success for your music. (more…)

Arranging; Co-Writing

Open up to new ideas and perspectives! (more…)

Virtual Recording

Sometimes it’s just not possible to get to the studio. (more…)

Mobile Recording

Every space has it’s own “character”: a sonic quality that makes it unique.  Let’s record in the space that inspires your best performance! (more…)

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