2019 – Town of Vienna, VAVolunteer Recognition Award
2017 – The Elevation Indie Film AwardsSpotlight Recipient; Film Scoring & Sound Design

Jasmine Gillison (songwriter, vocalist)

“From the moment we started working together, it was clear how passionate Howard Rabach is about what he does. He cares about the people he works with just as much as he cares about the music.

Recording my first album was a new world for me…my quest for the “perfect” take left me frustrated.  Howard always offered creative suggestions & encouragement to help me through.  Even with the multiple changes the direction…Howard remained level headed and positive.  It wasn’t a normal [session] if we weren’t laughing.

When the project expanded beyond its original scope, Howard adjusted along with it, creating a mobile studio, to take on the road so we could get just the right sounds – recording strings & drums in the basement of a friend’s house, and percussion in a middle school band room.

Howard knows his recording equipment & puts thought into what configurations and setups work best for any given scenario.  He experimented with different setups to ensure that we achieved the sounds we wanted.

Looking back on my journey, I am most grateful for Howard’s patience & kindness.  I had no idea that the project would evolve the way it did, and I’m so glad [he] was willing to [help] it grow. Howard wore many hats – engineer, co-producer, musician, cheerleader & friend. Along with a few of our other friends, we created something special that will live on forever. Thank you, Howard and Machine Room for everything!”

Nick Sawaya (The Vico Cycle; Orlando Furioso HC)

“I’m a teacher at school serving Fairfax County’s most academically and behaviorally challenged students. Last fall, our students wrote raps about what it’s like to attend our school. Howard responded to my ad looking for a local producer who could volunteer to come in and help the students record their songs. He brought a complete mobile recording setup to our school, and spent the afternoon working with four of our students. As a former teacher, he was really able to explain the process effectively to the students as they went along. Moreover, his knowledge and skill as a musician and producer was both evident and impressive. Howard was an absolute pleasure to work with, and his visit was probably the highlight of those students’ academic careers so far. We plan to make the whole thing an annual tradition at our school, and I’m looking forward to bringing my own band to Machine Room Studio in the coming months and working with him again!”


Rachel Schain (singer-songwriter; educator)


“Howard Rabach, first and foremost, is a joy to work with. He genuinely listened to me to learn what I wanted my music to sound like, and then helped me take my ideas to another level. He’s an excellent producer, engineer, musician, and creative partner, yet I never felt like he was giving me more input or taking more control than I wanted/needed from him. Working with Howard was worth the two hour drive each way between our home towns. Five stars.”


Ben Tufts (percussionist; educator)

“Howard has the depth of knowledge that great producers need, with the ability to listen that most producers wish they had.”


Ted Schreiber (CBS Newswriter; musician)

“I’ve played in bands with Howard Rabach and have known him for many years. Along with his solid musicianship and songwriting abilities, Howard is also a fundamentally sound musician/producer/engineer. He knows the science behind the sounds. Along with all of his time spent working in bands, Howard put in the effort to learn recording inside and out. To this day he is one of a select few friends I turn to for advice when it comes to equipment purchases and studio design. He is also one of the classiest people you will ever meet.”

Dave McBride (KT & The Neighborhood)

“Howard’s music instruction and his ability to perform showcase his technical skill along with his an extensive background in popular music. He is an accomplished musician who is great on stage and in the studio. Howard is the type of instructor who inspires achievement through a combination of humor and high expectations.”

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