Howard’s music instruction and his ability to perform showcase his technical skill along with his an extensive background in popular music. He is an accomplished musician who is great on stage and in the studio. Howard is the type of educator who inspires achievement through a winning combination of humor and high expectations.

Dave McBride – “KT & the Neighborhood Band”

I’ve played in bands with Howard Rabach and have known him for many years. Along with his solid musicianship and songwriting abilities, Howard is also a fundamentally sound musician/producer/engineer. He knows the science behind the sounds. Along with all of his time spent working in bands, Howard put in the effort to learn recording inside and out. To this day he is one of a select few friends I turn to for advice when it comes to equipment purchases and studio design. He is also one of the classiest people you will ever meet.

Ted Schreiber – New York musician & songwriter

Howard Rabach has the technical know-how every engineer needs, and the depth of listening experience every producer wishes they had.

Ben Tufts – Drummer, Percussionist & Educator