“My goal is to best serve your music through patience, understanding, and a shared vision of your success.”
“As a musician, a producer, or arranger, my goal is always to serve the song.  That’s when people take notice, listen, and deeply connect.  It’s like watching a great film…when you become so riveted by the story, you’re not distracted by the scenery or costumes because each is doing its job. Simply put, when I do my job, people hear the song, not the individual players.”


A highly trained veteran producer and musician, with more than 25 years of stage and studio experience. Howard Rabach is an in-demand session bassist in the DC metropolitan music scene.  He partners with his clients every step of the way, ensuring a positive collaboration.  A trained multi-instrumentalist, Howard will often assist as needed during the process, with song arrangements and/or performances.


Audio Engineer ~ Musician ~ Educator

  • Certified Audio Engineer (Institute of Audio Research – NYC)
  • Certification in Vocal Recording Technology (Berklee College of Music)
  • M.Ed Secondary Ed.; Literature & Performing Arts (George Mason University)
  • BFA Arts Management; Music, Theatre, Broadcasting (Long Island University/CW Post College)








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