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recording  Mic Locker:

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12 Gauge Reds (sdc -matched pr.)
12 Gauge Greens (sdc – matched pr.)
Advanced Audio CM87 (ldc)
AEA Nuvo N8 (ribbon)
AKG C414 XLII-ST (ldc – matched pr.)
Audio-Technica AT4041-SP (sdc – matched pr.)
Audix I5 (dyn)
Audix D6 (ldc)
Blue Bluebird (ldc)
Blue Babybottle (ldc)
Blue Dragonfly (ldc)
Cascade Fat Head II (ribbon)
Electro-Voice RE-20 (dyn)
Electro-Voice RE-320 (dyn)
HULK990 (ldc)
Miktek C1FET (ldc)
Miktek CV3 (tube)
RODE NTR (ribbon)
sE Electronics X1KD (ldc)
Sennheiser MD-421 (dyn)
Shure KSM44 (ldc)
Shure KSM27 (ldc)
Shure SM7B (dyn)
Shure Beta 181/C (sdc – matched pr.)
Shure SM57 (dyn)
Shure SM58 (dyn)






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