Custom “Virtual” Instrument Tracks

How Does This Work?

IMG_0404-Edit-EDITED FEB08You’ve written something – maybe it’s just an “idea”; maybe it’s a fully arranged song.  Are you creating a “demo” recording to shop around?  Are you a gigging drummer or guitarist, and you want some well-produced backing music to showcase your talent for potential work?  Regardless of what led you here, I can definitely help you.

The Process:i-wmPDXqJ-XL

  • First, you need to contact me!  Click here to fill out the contact form The more detail you can provide, the better. For example:

keep verse 1 simple” ~ “after chorus, add 2 bar fill” ~ “think Motown for this one”  ~ “pop/slap in bridge” ; regardless of details, remember that you are hiring an experienced professional bassist, with solid musical instincts.

  • Next, I’ll contact you by phone or Skype (your choice) to make sure I am clear about your project details.

My goal is to serve your song; my writing and performances are produced to showcase your music – your project – your vision for success.

  • Then, I’ll send you a reasonable quote for your project.

My quotes always include a couple of reasonable revisions, changes, or fixes as the project dictates.  I’ll quote a flat rate per song, which will include the number of revisions included for your project.

  • Once I receive your Paypal deposit, I get to work!

IMG_1974After I have some initial ideas recorded, I’ll send you mp3 files to demo; then we can set a deadline for your final track.

  • After you approve the final track recordings, I’ll send an updated invoice for the balance of your project (also via Paypal).
  • After final payment, I’ll upload 24-bit track(s) wav files* via a file sharing account, and you’ll receive an exclusive access code.
It’s that easy!

*Other file formats are available, such as aiff, mp4, FLAC, etc. Just make your request prior to the transfer.

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