How Does This Work?

IMG_0404-Edit-EDITED FEB08You’ve written something – maybe it’s just an “idea”; maybe it’s a fully arranged song.  Are you creating a “demo” recording to shop around?  Are you a gigging drummer or guitarist, and you want some well-produced backing music to showcase your talent for potential work?  Regardless of what led you here, I can definitely help you.

The Process:i-wmPDXqJ-XL

  • First, you need to contact me!  Click here to fill out the contact form. The more detail, the better!

Regardless of details, remember that you are hiring an experienced professional musician, with solid musical instincts.

  • Next, I’ll contact you to make sure I am clear about your project details.

My goal is to have the arrangements and performances showcase your project.

  • Then, I’ll send you a quote for your project.

I’ll quote a flat rate per song, which will include two revisions each.

  • Once I receive your deposit, I get to work!

After I have some ideas recorded, I’ll send you audio files to demo; then we can set a deadline for your final track.

  • After you approve the final recorded tracks, I’ll send an invoice for the balance of your project.
  • Once your balance is paid in full, I’ll send you an exclusive access code to download 96kHz/24-bit track(s) wav files* and existing session files.
It’s that easy!


*Other file formats, such as AIFF, MP4, FLAC, available by request, prior to transfer.
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